Practical Info

Travel insurance

Highly recommended. We are in a remote place where any big injury can be annoying…and expensive!

KITASURFRESORT will in no way be responsible for any hazards associated with travel to remote areas including the practice of any activities offered.


  • Two photocopies of your  valid passeport.
  • A valid visa.

Apply when you arrive in the indonesian international airport. cost 35 doll for 30 days.

Malaria and Dengue

It’s not much malaria or dengue fever on the island but the risk exists… we recommend a medication against malaria. But prevention is the best option. Bring some lights long sleeves and long pants clothes for the evening or the early morning plus some mosquito repellent. All our bedrooms have mosquitonets.

What’s in the boardbag?

  • 2 boards., a normal one and a longer for bigger waves
  • few leg ropes
  • sunscreen et zinc
  • Vaseline
  • Top
  • Board shorts
  • rain jacket
  • long clothes
  • mosquito repellent
  • head light
  • books
  • etc.


Local culture:

Islam is the biggest religion here as we are a part from aceh province on north sumatra. People are very religious here even if their practice is more open than the view western media offers us. It’s obviously forbidden to drink alcohol anywhere out from the camp like in every muslim country. But you can still bring your own bottle from the duty free (1 L max per person) and have your own drinks. Night life is not what you’re coming for and a surftrip here is more of a SURFTRIP!!!

The crazy Sinabang nights are about drinking coffee and singing karaoke with an indo rock show sometimes. Bali is definitely the go for party boys. As we are in a very muslim area women have to wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders. They will be able to wear a bikini on the beautiful beaches on the offshores islands.


Adress: Kita Surf Resort; desa Kahad, kec Teupah tengah; Kab simeulue, kode pos: 23891;  Aceh; Indonesia


This is a stupid rule for us western people but we want to respect local culture and not offense them. It might evolve as it happened in others parts of Indonesia but it needs time.