What to do in Simeulue north sumatra?

Surroundings of Kita surf resort

Kita surf resort is situated directly at the front of a small white sand beach in the middle of a coconut tree plantation beside a nice little creek A beautiful and quiet environment to relax and reconnect with nature.

If you don’t want to relax then it’s time to hit the road with the bikes. Go searching for the many surfspots around or just to discover the amazing beachlandscapes heading south. You can also rent a boat and a captain and cruise to various stunning offshore islands with the whitest sand ever and jump in clear blue, warm water.

If you feel that you want something else and ocean water is too warm for you. You still can go to the mountains up north. Have a bath in a crazy forest environment or eat the spicy food sitting in front of a lake.


Surf is the main purpose of Kita Surf Resort. Our island is located in the north west of Indonesia. Right up north from the Mentawais and Nias.

40’s roaring swells are hitting the coastline here with the biggest fetch in Indonesia. Some other swells are even coming from the north west bay of Bengal. We’ve got waves all year around with a peak of swell between may and October.

As we sit straight in the doldrums all year the wind is generally glassy and unpredictable from all directions. Which means surf all day long! Compared to the south indo it’s no real rainy season here… like the wind, the weather is the same all year around. Flat spells don't exist here!!!Can be small but always surfable with a shortboard or a fish!

So you can come and enjoy to surf  glassy  and consistent swells all year around even if it’s smaller from december to march it’s always a surfspot on close to Kita surf resort.


Other Activities

Snorkeling : A lot of beautiful spots to snorkel or free dive in a clear water. turtles, rayes and colorful reef fishes are everywhere here…

Spear fishing : You can also hunt barracudas or the numerous reef fishes if you like. Every fish killed must be eaten… grilled on the beach!

Fishing : You can fish on the reef right in front of Kita Surf Resort when the swell is small and you can get a lot of good fish for your dinner.

You can also hire a boat and go with the captain in the morning or in the evening if you want to catch bigger fishes (barracudas, tunas, spanish maquerels, marlins for example).

Road trip : Go with your bikes along the coastline and stop in villages to meet the very nice locals here. Or go to the mountains to refresh yourself in the beautiful springs. You can also stop at the lake to taste the classic indo spicy food.

Discover the offshore islands by boat :  Some stunning tropical landscapes above and under water. A spectacular, natural show. Dolphins are very common here when you’re on the boat.

Don’t forget your sun protections and water ! A day on the ocean can be hard here if you forget your sun gear.

Farniente! Having a bath in front of the resort. Drinking a coconut while reading a good book is also allowed on holydays !