Simeulue Kita Surf Resort - Eco Lodges & Surf Camp

Have you ever dreamt about beautiful and uncrowded waves on a pristine, tropical island? Are you tired of surfing at 20 on the same spot as soon as the conditions are good! You want to run away from the "mass tourism" and dream of authenticity, nature, warm water, dreamy landscapes and Sun?

Kita surf Resort got you covered!

My name is Gauthier and I created Kita surf resort ten years ago now. I built this small family resort  after spending time in Indonesia in search of perfect, uncrowded waves. So I found Simeulue, 15 years ago already, and "felt in love" directly for several reasons. Located to the Northwest of Sumatra about 2 degrees north of the equator. this position, right north of the famous mentawais, ensure very regular, not to say daily surf conditions, all year round!

It is no season here as we sit straight in the doldrums, and the water is between 28 celsius degrees and 30 celsius degrees all year. It is one of the most consistent place in the world in terms of swell, I've never seen a flat day in five

years I’ve been living here! The wind is usually variable low all year, except under thunderstorms. And the icing on the cake, I surf more than half time alone or with my guests!

The island is still very preserved and nature is omnipresent, so non surfers can enjoy an environment that is stunning both in land sea level. It is possible to snorkel with turtles, spearfishing, fishing, walk in the forest to waterfalls, go for boat trips on stunning beaches etc...

The friendliness of the people here is also very communicative and a ride on a motorcycle is enough to be hailed by multiple "hello mister." I make it a point to make you discover the local life bringing you, if you wish, in the city, at the market, by organizing games on the beach with the locals etc...


Our situation is exceptional for several reasons:


Kita surf resort is located on the edge of a small beach of white sand and a translucent fresh little creek, in the middle of the coconut trees, in a majestic natural environment.


-From the point of view of the surf we have a very consistant break at the front, producing some of the best barrels on the island on small swells.We are the only one who can access to this break so you will always surf by yourself there! there are more than ten spots within a 5 to 15 minutes ride by bike.

These spots work according to different conditions, which ensures an almost permanent good quality surf!

-Our knowledge of the spots and conditions, followed by a surf guide, will ensure that you will always be in the right place regarding the surf conditions.

-The beach in front Kita Surf Resort is perfect to start surfing and make the first take-off, have fun safely with a bodyboard or simply for a swim. The swell breaking on the reef surrounding the beach, is  very attenuated and makes a wonderful , natural swave pool. You can also relax, play soccer or beach volleyball. You can also go fishing or spear fishing right at the front when the swell is small.

-We can accommodate 12 people maximum because we want to keep this family spirit which was very important for me from the beginning.

-We provide bikes because it is the best way to be independant and surf the break you want whenever you want. Not waiting for the rest of the camp to load the car and arrive on the spot with eight other people or more. 


Thus, even if Kita surf resort is a special place for surfers, non surfers will find also spend there holiday idyllic, far from the Western world, and its stress, in an oasis of peace surrounded by nature and smiles.


Come join me in my dream that became true!

See you very soon (sampai jumpa)